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    2. Zhejiang Wuyi Bohai electric tool limited established Yu July 2004, is professional production profile cutting machine of manufacturers, founded of early, only employees 15 people, equipment crude, process behind, annual output value only millions of Yuan, after hard work, hard, is committed to new products of development, in short 5 years time in, have development patent products 7 items, should for production and put market, deeply general user of welcomes, made has unprecedented of success.

      Bohai company thought customer provides most with competitiveness of products for target, active introduced, and development technology, and new process, has input 8 million Yuan for has equipment of transformation, and Yu 2008 input 30 million Yuan new plant more than 20,000 more square meters, currently, Bohai company has technicians more than 50 more people, employees more than 300 more people, reserves has annual 800,000 Taiwan profile cutting machine production capacity, through very with price competition advantage of products market, perfect of sales network and timely accurate of after-sales service, Bohai is famous all over the country, trusted by the user, become a profile cutting machine industry leader.

      In 2009, the company carried out ISO9000 quality system certification, and standardization of production synchronized implementation of 6S management, for the Bohai company has laid a solid foundation for stable development.

      Looking to the future, young Bohai will continue adhering to the "professional tool manufacturing" business philosophy, forge ahead, pioneering and innovative, down-to-Earth, professional spirit of excellence, continues to offer industry best quality products for the user, in mind as the sea with you hand in hand towards a better future!

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